NetSaint is now Nagios

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Important Notice

Development of NetSaint is being continued under a new name - Nagios. The new website for the Nagios project is located at If you are still using NetSaint, I strongly urge you to upgrade to Nagios, as this site (and the NetSaint code) may not be around much longer.


Thanks to all the people who contributed to the development of NetSaint. Your contributions have not been wasted - they have just been transferred. :-) Also, thanks go out to Rob Patrick ( for providing DNS services for the domain.

This website stands as as testament to a long-running Open Source project that began with a simple idea in my mind. I had no inkling of the future success that NetSaint (and later Nagios) would come by. I almost never released it to the OSS community, but thank goodness I did. For without the constant flow of ideas from NetSaint and Nagios users, the project would have died off a long time ago. Cheers to everyone in the community who has participated in this project at some point in their life. My hat is off to you... - Ethan Galstad: Creator, Developer, Founder of NetSaint, Nagios, and Nagios Enterprises and happy participant in a wider movement.


NetSaint is a tool that monitors the availability of network resources, such as hosts and services. It does not provide network security tests, security information, or network security services, nor does it produce security assessment reports.

NetSaint is not affiliated with World Wide Digital Security, Inc. (WWDSI); Richard S. Carson and Associates, Inc; and the marks WEB SAINT, SAINT, SAINTWRITER, SAINTEXPRESS, and SAINTBASIC owned by Richard S. Carson and Associates, Inc.

Web space, mailing lists, and CVS repository provided by SourceForge DNS and email provided by Rob Patrick